A Hybrid Performance Venue

From: LEPAA Progress and Advancement Newsletter
Issue: Fall 2015, Volume 1

Buddy Holly inspired a legacy of musical culture, and now his name will inspire artistic development for generations to come. The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences will be equipped with amenities intended to shape Lubbock’s artistic landscape. It’s designed to accommodate esteemed artists and the local talent we fiercely treasure. This beautifully planned performance venue will be a milestone for our cultural progression, a dearly needed anchor for downtown development, and a hub for Lubbock citizens to gather together and revel in artistic excellence. Its multi-faceted functionality will enable us to continue to cultivate our community for the many years ahead.

The complex will include a wide variety of accommodations, specifically tailored to the needs of the West Texas area. This includes a 2,200-seat main performance hall orchestrated for Broadway plays, the Lubbock Symphony, and pop icons; an approximate 425-seat theater for LISD performances and UIL events; and a 6,000 square foot multipurpose room for hosting meetings, conferences, and larger UIL events. The main stage can be configured for concerts, theaters, and banquets. In addition, each theater offers versatility, flexibility, and an unmatched acoustical quality.

With the square footage designed specifically for them, Ballet Lubbock will be an important resident inside the venue. The construction of The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences is a means for us to come together and celebrate our culture, while nurturing unexplored artistry.