LEPAA Raises Over $47 Million Dollars for Performing Arts Center

By: Chad Hasty

The Lubbock Entertainment Performing Arts Association announced on Wednesday a major milestone. In less than a year of fundraising, LEPAA has raised over $47 million dollars. According to a press release from the organization, reaching the mark will now allow the City of Lubbock to transfer land and allow for the design phase to begin.

Additionally, reaching the $45 million mark allows for the design phase to begin. LEPAA is moving forward with their master developer, Garfield Public/Private, LLC, to design and construct the center.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have reached this important milestone. Our momentum continues to build and now we can begin design and create the look and feel of the building,” said LEPAA Board Chairman Tim Collins.

As a privately funded project, LEPAA’s performing arts center campaign has been the recipient of both corporate, foundation and individual gifts.

Suddenlink joins a long list of project donors with a gift of $10,000 presented in today’s announcement, bringing the total dollars raised in less than a year to $47.6 million.

“It is a great day when Suddenlink can support an initiative like this on the local level. The wonderful addition that the performing arts center will be to the cultural arts district just goes to show what we can accomplish when Lubbockites come together,” said Suddenlink Marketing Manager Alona Beesinger.”

LEPAA has a goal of raising $85 million dollars for construction costs and another $30 million for endowment. You can visit lepaa.org for more information.