Lubbock Performing Arts Center Raises $47M

A movement to revitalize downtown Lubbock received momentum recently when the Lubbock Entertainment Performing Arts Association (LEPAA) announced it had raised over $47 million towards a new performing arts center in Lubbock. The announcement also means that the City of Lubbock will begin to transfer land downtown to LEPAA.

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Our View: LEPAA Passes Key Fundraising Milestones for Downtown Center

LEPAA started the fundraising process for its planned performing arts center with $20 million in commitments and built impressively on that. The pledges obtained so far have passed the halfway point in raising construction costs, have qualified for a city agreement to transfer the land for the center and will begin the predevelopment and design development phase.

Why you should care: A performing arts center will be a key component of downtown revitalization in Lubbock. It will also bring in out-of town events and provide local groups such as Ballet Lubbock a nice venue to perform.

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LEPAA Raises Over $47 Million Dollars for Performing Arts Center

The Lubbock Entertainment Performing Arts Association announced on Wednesday a major milestone. In less than a year of fundraising, LEPAA has raised over $47 million dollars. According to a press release from the organization, reaching the mark will now allow the City of Lubbock to transfer land and allow for the design phase to begin.

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LEPPA Reaches Fundraising Milestone with $47.6 Million in Gifts

Contact: Rob Allison, Development Consultant, 806 / 747 / 3200

(Lubbock-TX) The Lubbock Entertainment / Performing Arts Association announced today that that the first major milestone of $45 million in the capital fundraising campaign for a downtown Lubbock performing arts center has been surpassed.

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