LEPAA Introduces the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences

(Lubbock-TX) The future performing arts center in development in downtown Lubbock has a name.

Announced on Saturday, the naming rights to the center have been secured and the Lubbock Performing Arts Association unveiled the name of the building: The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences.

“This project can’t be just about raising funds and building a new building,” said LEPAA Chairman of the Board Tim Collins. “To stand the test of time, to truly become a landmark, it must create a connection. With the naming of this building, we pay tribute to a great artist whose talent has connected the entire world to Lubbock for over 60 years.”

In March, LEPAA announced the achievement of the first major fundraising milestone, with $47.6 million raised at that time.

Since then, site cleanup of the former Department of Public Safety property began and an architect of record has been hired. That role is being filled by a joint venture from local firms MWM Architecture and Parkhill, Smith and Cooper.

“It is a testament to the community support of this venture that two immensely talented competitors would come together for the common good of our project and the community,” said Collins.

Two days ago, four of the most prestigious firms in the country presented ideas on what the performance hall will look like. These four firms specialize in the design of performing arts venues and have built projects as far away as St Petersburg, Russia and as close as San Antonio, Texas.

Next Tuesday, the LEPAA Board of Directors will decide which of these firms will team up with our local architects to design Lubbock’s next landmark.

Additional project development announcements are expected soon.

About LEPAA: The Lubbock Entertainment / Performing Arts Association (LEPAA) is dedicated to enriching the spirit of those who live in Lubbock and the South Plains through the presentation of the highest quality local, national and international entertainment and artistic performances. Once the performing arts center is completed, LEPAA’s vision is to continue its commitment and stewardship. In addition to its oversight of the finest performing arts events, LEPPA envisions educational and community programs that will support, enhance and expand appreciation for the arts, culture, music, history, and heritage of the South Plains.