The Crickets, the Road and the Lubbock Skyline

“The Crickets, the Road and the Lubbock Skyline,” an original 60” x 60” acrylic on canvas by renowned artist Paul Milosevich, is proudly displayed at The Buddy Holly Hall inside Rave On. The painting is partially underwritten by the Lubbock Osteopathic Fund. Purchase a limited edition giclee or poster and help support art at The Hall.

“The idea for the painting came while driving between Lubbock and Santa Fe, staring down a long straight stretch,” Milosevich said. “The road, which plays such a big part in a musician’s life, leads us into the picture. The Lubbock skyline sets the scene and the legendary musicians are the focal point. The turnrow suggests a plowed cotton field on the lower left and the Crickets logo is on the lower right. Buddy Holly is naturally the dominant figure and the Crickets are supporting actors set against a star-studded sky. “Knowing J.I. Allison and Joe B. Mauldin personally, I felt them looking over my shoulder as I painted.”

Guitar Pick Installation

The legacy lives on at the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences. You can forever be a part of this tribute to Lubbock’s music legacy with a personalized guitar pick as a permanent art sculpture at the hall.

Purchase a personalized guitar pick for someone you want to remember or honor; or, purchase one for your family and be a part of this beautiful and unique art installation. All proceeds benefit LEPAA’s mission.

Designed by Texas artist Brad Oldham, the fine-art installation comprises nearly 9,000 picks in 11 sizes, creating a 30-foot by 120-foot stunning visual of the iconic image of Buddy Holly and his Fender guitar on the south wall of Buddy Holly Hall, forever memorializing the Lubbock area’s impact on Rock ‘n’ Roll across the world. “Knowing J.I. Allison and Joe B. Mauldin personally, I felt them looking over my shoulder as I painted.”

Original art by Sophia Villalobos

Sophia Villalobos is a local artist who creates her magic in fabrics, mixed media, and textiles. Her love of color is apparent in the beautiful pieces on display at Rave On. Her work can also be seen around town at Charles Adams Gallery and at Broadway Contemporary Fine Art Gallery.  For more of Sophia’s art, visit her on Instagram.   



Artist Nick ODonnell’s terraform benches at Buddy Holly Hall are a true example of the beautiful marriage of art and science. Using parametric design, the artist uses patterns in nature as an inspiration for functional art pieces. The Buddy Holly Hall is home to three of ODonnell’s unique pieces: one under the grand staircase, one outside the Crickets Theater, and one inside Rave On.

Inaugural Poster

Stand in the center of the beautiful spiral staircase at The Buddy Holly Hall and you will be awed by the architectural masterpiece. Renowned poster printer, Dirk Fowler, created this one-run-only abstract commemorative poster. Notice the bronze guitar pick in the center resembles the picks in the mosaic at The BHH. Each poster is signed and numbered by Dirk. Once these run out, no more will be printed.


Embracing the Sky – By Chad Plunket and Matt Weaver 

Inspired by the West Texas “Cowboy Cutouts”, artists Chad Plunket and Matt Weaver created a dancer image that embraced the big sky and moved with the wind of the South Plains. Embracing the Sky marks the entrance to Ballet Lubbock on the north side of Buddy Holly Hall.